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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

How was the carb cleaned?
Small cleans won’t do much, there is so many holes inside. It requires an air compressor as per OEM,Β  liquid cleaner is like stage.Β Β  Even the permanent Jet called Starting Assist that’s inside.Β  If in doubt, try get the carb to an ultrasonic cleaner guy.

A new shape rear end bike (black engine) does take a LOT of cranks to start if anything is amiss (as much as an intake leakΒ  or loose connections near the manifolds and the airbox)

Get halfords easy start and spray the air filter many times.
You have 1 good chance here.
Twist the throttle up and down many many many many many many (many!) times while the bike is cranking over.
Put choke on.
Let it rev at 5k for 5mins before turning off choke.
if it dies, it probably cause the idle screw was not screwed in , adjust the idle screw and retry.
Also make sure battery is charged. It really matters.

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