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Hyosung GT 250 N

Maybe my explenation was a bit misleading. With “dry” i mean that the carb has only fuel where it has to be. Fuel pump pumps the fuel in the float chamber and stops when the float level is reached. So it is working absolutely fine. Float level is adjusted to 7mm according to the OEM service manual i used. (Actually Service manual said 17mm, but that is when the carb is in the bike, if it is on table it has ~7mm)

In the meantime i have done another compression test. And the result is not good. I have only 7,5bar on the back cyclinder and about 6,5 bar in the front. The service limit is at 11,7bar (12 kg/cm2). Standart compression pressure is about 13,7-15,7 bar (14~16 kg/cm2). So it looks like i have to remove the engine and change the piston rings.

I keep you updated about the project. At the moment it is way to cold in my garage.


Here some pictures of the compression test and a screenshot of the service manual: