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Robert Wilde
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Apr 6, 2019

Hey Everyone,

I am working on getting my 2006 GT250R on the road for the first time and this forum is a massive help.

First thanks for an awesome article, I am awaiting all my new bits to make it happen and I glade I found this article. It seems someone else, previous own, had been playing around with the carb a bit.

First thing I found was both needle acorn nuts broken and barley seated.

Then I found that it has weird jet sizes, they are labelled 95 and 100. From what I have read here, the stock is 92.5 Front Main Jet & 95 Rear Main Jet, and the upgrade is 95 and 97.5 which I have on the way to me now.
Not sure how much of difference this makes. Something to note is both air fuel mix screws were set at 3.25 turns out. Will return to same position but may need some adjustment, not sure.

One thing I need some input on is the hose in the middle between the 2 carbs, I believe it is a breather port. I circled it in the below image. Super annoying as it is in the diagram for the carb service manual but not in the carb parts list manual.

Can anyone confirm it is a breather tube?

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