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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Go to the stator.

Follow the wires going up to the main harness.

Ignore the regulator. Dont disconnect it. Not even its 5 pin solo plug. Leave it.

The stator has its own 3 PIN yellow plug.

Disconect AT the bike harness (you will find it as you find out where the stator finally joins the harness.

Just 3 yellow pin plug.  unhook just that.

Now start the bike and rev to 5k revs and hold it there.

Set your meter to AC volts.

See the yellow 3 pin plug of the STATOR ?  do this.

Pin 1 and Pin 2 = Put your meter red and black probes in any order.

Get voltage readings at 5k revs.


Pin 2 and Pin 3  = what is the voltage?

Pin 3 and Pin 1 =  what is the voltage?


We have measured across all 3 pins and reply back with 3 separate values.

Pin1+2=40v / Pin2+3=34.5v / Pin3+1=25.8v  as example.


Set your meter to AC 200 volts or AC500v  (beyond 200AC)

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