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Jun 29, 2020
Middlesbrough, uk

The CV Carb hangs upside as downdraft its not just Korea who designed the bike to need the box but also the carb itself will always run better with the box. Even pods dont work. So if were you i would make a box 😉 then put a foam filter across the top. 650cc hyo GT is a bit like that. Box with a panel filter on top under the tank. 90 92.5 is safe. The bike is baffled so well done for that as pipes matter a lot . It doesnt need all gases escaping or it runs slowish. Needle on slide being furthest away from carb (richer) is good. Stock is middle groove.

I thought needle top groove shuts the needle making it leaner? And bottom notch lifting the needle making it rich? 🤔

Gv125 hardtail bobber

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