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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Trevor,
Any form of bog downs / cuts is usually electrical and or fueling –
You said you replaced almost everything? Usually these are the suspecs to check out:
– Plugs ? (Still using Laser ones ? if so… clean them if too sooty)
– Coils ? / (Plus the “black HT caps” ?)Β  (2 ignition parts here)
– Stator unit was changed already?
– Reg rec?Β  (It will say 14.5v constant if you had the uprated ones, but i have nothing positive to say about the stock hyo ones sadly, we all hate em)
– Battery? (what size is it and what brand? how old?)
(some times half of these things above get worse due to heat, some OEM parts were cheap outsourced/built).Β  Engine itself is good, overengineered thing lol.

Moving to the fuel side, is the filter usually full ?
– You can usually check the manual tap doesn’t have a lot of dirt, it has a trap at the base of it.
– Vacuum pump ?Β  (and also intake lines + manifolds aint leaking vacuum pressure)
Because if the pump wasn’t optimal, your carb drinks its own fuel until the pump feeds itΒ  (incase of a slow fuel delivery system to maintain top gear riding)
– Hate to say it! ==> Carbs taken out for a clean?
Not just jets but there is fuel valves under the floats that control fuel input, so the little mesh ball can sometimes trap dirt coming from the tank.

I was aware some bits changed but i have an old brain that sometimes needs reminding lol.

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