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Dec 19, 2019
Mainly Triumphs

I hope he is okay though! ā€“ Not fun to come off!! On my part, i will try to dig thru my stuff but i have a chance that i will have: ā€“ Rear axle bar & nut (what happend to old one?, rare to break that bar in half!) ā€“ footpeg (should be on my ebay but older classic design) ā€“ left gearshifter arm (on my ebay) (though depends how bad yours is you can rescue it) ā€“ hangers common to be welded on nowdays , they appear to be discontiuned from new production nowdays. (iā€™m 50/50 ill dig one out) ā€“ Got a rod that links the shift arm to engine arm, ā€“ tatty (2007) ā€“ seems to want painting from its mild steel gone dark ā€“ need to dig it out. (unlisted) ā€“ Can pickup a clutch lever new and sent within 24hrs im sure, too many shops around here have it. Just have to ring em to open doors lol. Tell the lad to recover well and calm down lol. We need him alive

He is fine, nothing hurt but his ego. There is nowt worse than coming off though, hes really lucky. I’ve come off big bikes and know first hand it hurts.

Do you have a link to your ebay marcel?

Rear axle has lost its thread where its slid along the road, sounds minor but the last thing I want is to take that rear wheel off and not be able thread the nut back on, or even worse it vibrates off.

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