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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


Speaking of the same GTR (regardless of CC size) these are true:
– Rearsets are the same | Same locations too
– Pegs are the same | Same seats too
– Same mirrors | Same clip-on bars

What the 650R however does differ from 250R is:
– rear shock “may raise” the height of the bike just a little. (different shock)
– front forks have adjustable dampening
– handling wise it has fatter rear tyre and swingarm that’s all (not much!)  | front rim is the same all CC’s but 650 gets a 120–front tyre than 110—, as it can do beyond 120 mph anyway.

Hope this helps, if unsure, shout away.   👍

I woudn’t focus on the NAKED GT bikes (whatever CC’s) as there will be some variants to even how they look at the front-end from 2003 all the way to present day!

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