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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


I would start by sorting the entirety of the clutch basket.  Which is what youre most likely dealing with; as some of the issues regarding gearing you mentioned are too common when the entire clurch starts to wane.

When the clutch cover is off  ; also look under the clutch basket where the FOOT LEVER SHAFT joins the cogs there. The teeth should be good and is also the clutch basket stiff (bearings good), basket sprockets good.   Visual inspection basically while the clutch is overhauled.


The gearbox is the last last last thing   anyone wants to deal with.  If you can shift to  5th.  Assume your prawl forks are still intact.


I would deal with the clutch first before gearbox (hopefully not as its a whole other discussion and more time on your hands 😬)

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