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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

If we search deep enough on the web, there is anough complaints even on facebook, where everyone hates the hyosung stators that seems to fry things sometimes.

So i wouldn’t personally put hot grips, they won’t be that hot to be fair as the GTR has a solid bars (it has to heat that solid metal element too) & contend with the wind chills. Some grips draw too much current (*amps/watts*) and is noticable when bike wanes a bit in terms of overall electrical supply to other parts of the bike including keeping your battery charged up.

Go checkout KIES HEATED Apparel, you can wear thin layer gloves that are heated by a small power bank they sell. or Heated bike glovses that can be hooked to a portable power source.

That leaves the question of stators producing power for the bike only, dropping stators from Kawasaki is common, if it isnt from Electrosport. Pays dividents for some πŸ‘

Rear axle wheel I usually tighten around 80-100 ft lbs, it should be in one of the 650 service manuals on the last pages where it gets technical about what torques wheels and ancillaries get tightened at.

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