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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

If you struggle on amazon or something I can always send one just email me and will supply correct ones.

The ideal regs as before
– shingden for hyo , involves splicing , popular in US.
– another brand to check out is Electrosport n i own one on bike #2 for years. I do them sometimes for EFI machines as i have a GV250 Efi as test bed. 250 and 650 need same readings anyway and tend to share regs.

The service manual prefers the bike does least 70v at 5k revs. Optimal is 85-99v.

Reg will report 14-15v optimal with a healthu battery.

Consider your stator is not saying 55v across all 3 pins? Thats asking for a change by sounds of it.

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