andre martins
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Jan 7, 2020

Thanks for your answer Marcel. Some updates about my case.

Disconnected the battery for one night to reset the ecu, connected the battery and the FI light appeared in seconds. on the other hand, with this reset I seem to have solved another problem I had since I bought the bike, I can’t explain but it was a kind of delay that the bike had when it accelerated a bit, it only responded thousands of seconds later.

I called one of the two dealerships in portugal and they told me they don’t have a machine to read the error, tomorrow I’ll call the other but, is there any way I can read the error at home?

I’ve got 2 friends with this bike, they both changed the exhaust but they never had this FI error. I’m 100% sure the error is related to the exhaust, because it only appeared since the day I set up the exhaust not forgetting that I’m the only one who has a sports air filter ( i’m waiting for a original hyosung air filter to see if it fix the error)

The day I rode the exhaust I still managed to walk without the error appearing, and the only difference I notice is that with the error the bike makes more popcorn in the exhaust, do you think I can walk without problems on my bike until the air filter arrives?

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