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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


Strip the carbs again, remember the brass tube with the tiniest hole, yeah thats the starting ports used for starting the bike,  even compressed air helps blow the holes clean through trust, its very very very small lol.  A single strand of a headphone wire should be able to go in and out.

Do this with pilot jets, take them out and make sure light shines through the holes.

Put the carb upside down on table  (floats facing the ceiling) get a ruler and make sure each float is 7mm tall from the edge of the carb bodies or adjust , these control fuel flow so its very crucial or you have too little fuel to begin with (floats closed early)

Fuel pump at rear  = open its cover, you will see the insides are okay and close it back after clean , it rarely , rarely fails but a bad filter can let particles go to your carb n pump making 2 issues than 1.

Check that vacumm pipes are sealed good, also the intake system , it will take few annoying cranks to start it if there is even a slightest air leak.   Since you had the carbs off, check that your manifold O rings are okay  (go to /shop at top menu to see what i mean) ,  then we can rule out a leaking intake system causing start related issues and does affect idle big time.

Clean the spark plugs,  but if they are old or show signs that they are fouling easy , maybe consider new plugs and try again ,     your ignition HT cap will say 7k ohms on your meter with the other meter wire on frame as ground,  suggestive that  your coils are okay

or coil terminal pin   (spade shape behind coil)  and  frame on your meter will say about 0.6 ohms strong.  (less than 1)  ,  coils are assumed to be okay and should spark just fine  , weak coils affect starting and idling too.

Hope this info , and welcome .  i probably also covered some things in more depth in other forum topics too.

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