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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

This is commonly , i mean commonly across the hyosung 125 to 650 twins is the regulator that fails a lot and tends to take the stator with it or the stator has waned down fast and has took the reg with it. bike running like its on limited juice off the battery then battery has issues.

Start your bike , unhook the 3 yellow color plug coming from the stator , and rev to about 5k ish , it should say about  80v AC (AC) strong across all pins  (ie. 3 pin means join any of the 2 pins on your meter but do it 3 times so that all 3 pins gave the same readings)

and/ or bike is totally off , the stator yellow plugs will be about 0.5 ohms ice cold (less than 1)

the regulator should be saying 14v at 2k revs  ,   any 13.x v DC (DC) readings at battery will mean regulator needs attetion.

There is different types of regulators used on the hyosungs , they are not properly made so even i wouldnt dare sell one for a 125cc bike , the 650 wont play games.   Common upgrades are the shingden ones with some fabrication ,  but a “plug n play” reg would me i need to know specs of your reg or its part number printed,  i can always build a mini harness to retrofit the regs that are sold on this site ,      I pray the stator is in good healthy , they don’t make em no more in KR ,  so aftermarket is usually the way but never ever ever chinese.

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