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Oct 8, 2019

Hi Marcel,

Thanks again!

I went to the shop and spoke to my mechanic who bypassed the switch for me on the spot without charging me 🙂 . Instead of taping he even had a really nice wire cover that he put on and crimped so there’s no chance of the wet getting in it.

He was really good about it. I took her out for a ride and even the ‘spluttering’ which is what I called it has stopped and had no more gear problems. Smooth as anything now! I think the engine was just continuously about to cut out cause of the problems with the kickstand.

I noticed the oil filter sign and it is as easy as you said. I pointed it out to the mechanic who even offered to help teach me how to do it when it needs changing next in another 500 miles or so. I can just bring it to him and we’ll do it together which is great. I’ll wait with the tires until they need replacing I think just for costs. I’ve already had to do an emergency stop in a downpour and I find that the back wheel slides left and right, but I have very good natural balance so I don’t tip over if that makes sense but that has been going straight. I’m not good yet at really leaning into the corners so even in those I think for now I’ll be ok, I also mostly ride here in town at 20-30mph so feel ok for that now.

I’ll work my through the list slowly!




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