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Oct 8, 2019

Hi Marcel,

I think my brain just blew up! That’s a lot of good information. I’ll need to take my time to try to digest it all, and find out what bits have been done to it or need doing. I may print out your list tomorrow and try to run through it step by step if I can to see what bits are on my Hyosung. Then again I’m not even sure how to take a good look at the engine? It’s such a heavy bike (for me anyway) and I only have a kick stand – not like a normal bicycle that I can just tip upside down.

It had 1k miles on the bike (2016) model when I bought it 2 months ago (which was surprising by the way – but still loads of tire thread so seemed legit), I guess nothing has been changed on it and it’s just factory spec but will have to double check.

Do I need special tools for all of that too? I don’t really have a support network here or know people who ride who have tools. I think I own a spanner, hammer and a screwdriver or two! I won’t lie it’s a bit intimidating this list am a bit scared of screwing it up. I may field questions for each bit when I get going.

I think it is still under their shop warranty for now so I may get them to check these ‘loose’ hoses out tomorrow to tell me what they are.

Thanks so much again, I have loads to learn!!!


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