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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

If you are on the FB group and in a hurry,  speak to Simon Miller.

Ive got one but i just need to test it,  i couldnt find the time this week due to missions.

When buying used get proof the stator says  0.8 ohms on the wires   (less than 1)  or it says 80v around 5k revs (seller will confirm)


If i was to complain about hyosung electrics.  Id say the Stators  / Regulators / Coils are the top 3


Speaking of regulator.   Check your battery says 14.8v around 4k revs  or else you notice  == delayed starts, slow cranks, weak juice of battery.

Regulator and Stator are married as a pair.  So if changing stator,   investigate regulator too.

KR doesnt make the black stators anymore (05-08) Comets n GTRs.   However,  tap   /SHOP/  at the top menu above=^  you will see the comparison.



Regulator is inside at the left pillion panel.


You got this 👍

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