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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I usually sell old genuines on ebay or  new ones as a custom order usually £6-7 each.    You might have to message me as I havent checked what sizes i have left.


Some folk go to wemoto  for cheap china made jets around £4 typically.

I prefer jap or least genuines so i know the chinese didnt use fake brass or inaccurate ofrices to meter fuel but i digress lol. Cleaning bad jets is quite annoying. Or some £1 ebay ones too.

The circle head size is 8mm for the bds26 carb


Assuming you had already found the jet swap tutorial on the forum,  then ofcourse sizes are 90 n 92.5 optimal  .


92.5 n 95 at the extremes if the entire charge & sparking system is that beefier for it.

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