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I think i saw your post on facebook while away,  thought other admins replied.

Okay, lets get to it.

Take apart the dash surrounding panel.

Then look behind the dash for signs of water or electric pins corroded  as i was helping someone with this issue too last week. He went through heavy rain but bike wasnt well taped up.   So check the harness that goes up to the dash

Second part.  Take apart the airbox so u can access the big harness along the frame.   Blue plug is going to the dash.    Black is for right switch gear.   Green = ignition keys . Yellow=left gear.

Clean the blue plug which leads to the dash incase of debris/water attacks.


Last thing, open the dash unit itself.  And confirm that water did not enter the dash (rarely but happens) that can make electronics spaz out.

Under the LEFT pillion seat. Check fuse is 15a max too.  Its blue color fuse.


Let us know how you get on.   Hopefully its a small wire fix/clean up job.  Id hate to replace the whole dash.

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