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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Dont think it would have taken a lot of R&D to fit a oil pressure warning light. About 5 mins at a guess, especially as the cluster has the light already fitted.

The aftermarket route was just to fabricate some mini STAGE6 cluster andΒ  read the custom fitted sensor near the bottom engine casing.

The 250rs have oil coolers and since the dash is off a 650. It has the TEMP bars switched off on carby models (650 has a water radiator but what gives? Lol)

The EFI 250 came later with a new display off the efi 650s , but modified to turn OFF the temp display….. despite the sensor is clearly visible on the motor block (aka. ET Sensor) they could have just made the extra R&D for dash to display the oil or engine temp anyway or check pressure flow as you mentioned about GV

Its a mess lol,Β  ive read the GV service books. Only says use a hand held gauge to read preasure when servicing thats it.

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