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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

The gv650 read the temps of the radiator and displays it on the dash
the absense of an oil cooler (like the SV) probably means it probably wasn’t intended to have extra sensors for oil related functions of the gv bikes

I couldn’t have imagined Hyosung spending extra R&D to do a oil pressure related work & display it on the dash ,  maybe not readings as in bars or numbers ,  probably they could have just used a car’s  oil lamp that flashes in some sequences   (some bikes do this)   fast sequences (blink) probably means oil pump issue , slow blink maybe pressure to low etc .
Peharps more likely to have appeared on the EFI bikes as ECU will have a field day with all sorts of sensors attached to bike.

Carby life meant the bike just needs CDI, Coils, Carb,  Coolant Switch & Temp controlled fan for the radiators. Less R&D time by their hands i guess.

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