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Jul 13, 2019
GV 250 (2012)

Hey, With the weekend over, its back to work for some of us , till we ride everywhere again next sunny weekend lol. Welcome , and straight to the GV. I would say if your GV is made after 2008, it will have an ECU as it is an injected model than carburettors & edgetek-cdi. So do you know what the numbers say on the ECU , that is located under the seat? Hyosung made a few ECUs for various models , so can’t exactly mix & match. It’s a rare to get a working copy for cheap here in UK too, but certainly i will probably know someone or be able to source one locally (dependent on part number on it) As you’re in the US. Have you made a call to your dealer for old stock that they might have had from KR Motors (Hyosung USA)?

No way. I called the dealer all right, they first offered me a cdi for about $ 750.00 and two days later they said they don’t have any left.
Hyosung that I called stated they don’t support any 2008 to 2012 Daewoo electronics anymore. Their suggestion was just to buy a new Harness and a cdi in the Delph version. Great, to change the entire harness would cost me about 1200-1500 USD and the parts another 700.00 USD. I could buy me a brand new 2014 Hyosung gv 250 from the Dealer in Tyler TX for 2200 USD.
The dealer said the Carburetor version was a seller. The EFI version could not be sold with a clear conscience. He meant he has to poind out the issues that will appear with Hyosung sooner than later. Well 2200 USD for one year ride. Is it worth it? You be the judge.
So Hyosung is crap, cheap and something for the hydraulic-press.

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