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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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With the weekend over,  its back to work for some of us , till we ride everywhere again next sunny weekend lol.

Welcome ,  and straight to the GV.   I would say if your GV is made after 2008, it will have an ECU as it is an injected model  than carburettors & edgetek-cdi.

So do you know what the numbers say on the  ECU , that is located under the seat?  Hyosung made a few ECUs for various models , so can’t exactly mix &  match.

It’s a rare to get a working copy for cheap here in UK too, but certainly i will probably know someone or be able to source one locally (dependent on part number on it)

As you’re in the US.  Have you made a call to your dealer for old stock that they might have had from KR Motors (Hyosung USA)?

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