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Apr 22, 2019
GT125R (carby)

That copper ring has to go lol

Thanks again Marcel. I had actually turned to the parts catalogue and seen that it was indeed a gasket. Just wasn’t sure, because this one is welded in!! The fella I bought it from broke his hand the day before it was due to be collected. It still had the rusty old downpipe on it and had contacted me to ask what to do. My answer was to tell him to do the best he could, but if need be just send it as was. He ended up asking a neighbour to help removing the pipe and having spoken with him, I think he was quite annoyed himself with the resulting damage. He still should really have told me before it was on my doorstep.

No harm done though, the damage isn’t too drastic and should clean up well enough. New gasket should get me a good seal once I deburr the outlet. I’ve been painting parts all day, so I haven’t really got to the engine, but I’ll knock out the work on that over the next week or so. In an effort to make the engine look a bit fresher, he has blown over the cylinder heads with grey primer. That is going to need fixing with some matt black,  but thankfully he was quite accurate with the primer, and applied it using card to shield things that didnt need paint. Not too much overspray given its been a rattle can job, but I think I’ll be putting the matt on with an airbrush for accuracy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going for split new cleanliness on this bike, but a bit tidying up doesn’t go astray along the way. Innfact, it would be rude not too.

Thanks again for your help Marcel, and keep an eye out for my next uncertain moment…lol