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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Usually bad weather affects the harness as RC bikes have a weaker built harness but they put less jacket on it!  I’m digressing..

Id say from experience on various bikes, contact cleaners n acf50 should be in every bikers tool box.


A tiny rain drop of that stuff at terminals, bolts, plugs kills rust & keeps ur contacts goldy than the green sludge (and doesnt do favours passing electric current through.


Dash has its own mini harness though,   if its bad beyond repair (rarely?)  Then replace that mini harness.

Ive seen dashes go up in smoke in real time usually by bad electrics cooking things up,  (stator n reg)  it should trip the fuse at that point. Get a big swear jar lol.

However, you will be fine as long as stators n regs behave , nothing is being overloaded. The dash will be fine too.


Mine is 14yrs old ,  and have an 03 comet with manual clocks, it still lights up lol.

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