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Generally you will want to use Premium oil with ESTER. As the manual generally says premium oil is best.

Ester oils are: Motul 7100, 300v, Silkolene/Fuchs Comp 4 , silkolene Pro 4 Plus. These oils are unbeatable to most cheap crude mineral oils.

Fully synthetic beats any semi-synthetic simply because it has extra properties to help your engine , especially vtwins with a lot of bearings!

Depending on the store you visit , buy any oil that has
*JASO MA2* certification due to our wet clutch system

10w40 is the normal grade. On summer or hot days 10w50 is ideal! (Best).

FULLY SYNTHETIC is best. ((Anyone that says Semi is best probably hasnt done enough oil science lol. ))

If the bottle says *ESTER* or DIESTER on it , then even better.

My personal favourites (over many years on various bikes)
Motul 300v , 7100
Silkolene Pro 4 or Comp 4
Rock Oil TRM vTwin race oil.

Hope this info helps.

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