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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Do I start chucking money at it!?


The bike still isn’t happy = Look at your own spark plugs , will tell you exactly if its electrical / fueling / or poor air system. (Rich vs Lean vs Poor Electric Sparking)

Bike will not ride perfect unless all 3 work in tandem (air / fuel / sparking electrics)

I would read my replies above ^ on this topic = write down as a list. tick off every single checkpoint.

Fueling Parts & Carb OK & checked over? = then we are done with the carbs.

Then the electrics or plugs would be your enemy , I would go here below …
(GV125/Gt125 = same engine, same carb, same coils = same behavior)
(Follow my replies in those threads, as i go quite deep on electric dramas & HOW to test them yourself)


2. Another Topic Here

3. And this one too!

Faulty Coils & Regulators happen to all hyosungs. They are just a cheaply made parts that die out eventually. The japanese win when it comes to electrics.
— > Could also explain your plugs not doing their job or otherwise fouled/annoyed

Remember this always:
High revs / RPM needle stuck high / very slow to drop revs down = Air Leaks (anything air flows thru) or CV sliders stuck or choke is not off (still on choke)

Boggy / Jumpy Revs / Laggy = Electrics (inspect all including plugs , can’t stress spark plugs enough) or Fueling Drama (anything that petrol flows through)

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