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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Took the bike for a test ride but it feels like it’s not fueling correctly. As it splutters them revs back up as it should. I had to replace the fuel line as original lines where perishing, but the fuel line is a little to sma I think. Any ideas to what’s wrong. Everything was free and moving as it should on the carb before putting back on to the bike.
Cheers shane

– Pilots = affect idle and slow moving , so pilot jets should be clean
– Spark Plug – Clean it , with that carb cleaner – it should spark better, if not IX or Lasers will wake it up better (& bog less under some load) – Stock plugs are just that woeful.
– Fuel lines – Ofcourse, adding thicker high temp lines only add to “more fuel in the pipes = bigger hole” & “fuel is colder = less misting on hot temps, comes to carb as liquid than a misty hot gas)
– Main Jets hopefully should be cleaned up too.
– The “BLACK CV SLIDERS” are critical , they are the mother of the carbs , so you want to make sure they “retract” up & down fast without any delays – that means there is no particles stopping the Sliders moving when you add revs to the bike

When you rev , they slide up – they must not delay whatsoever.

Hope this info helps!

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