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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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Hi I was looking at exhausts. However contacted backwidow and they direct me to the fuel injection type exhaust however mine is an 09 carb model. I am struggling to find a new exhaust for mine and mine is dead it’s been welded however badly corroded and needs new system. Have a new silencer on it max torque can.

I wouldn’t panic – “All years” of Carb & EFI vTwins of GT250R & 125R use the same pipes.  Same fitting too.

BlackWidows makes the pipes for Carb & EFI , yes correct , but they will send you a “blanking” bolt.  Call them and ask them to make sure a blanking bolt is included.

Refer to the image below:

Having said,  this would also be the case with  Scorpion or MTC UK exhaust companies – They must send a blanking bolt for carb models  , if they send you EFI pipes

If you need a stock/standard pipe system that is in a good nick , please call “Startrights Leeds” & tell them this:

Looking for a standard exhaust system for GT125R , in used condition –  Marcel says you have the orange hyosung for stripping (I sent you)

They will discount it for you & post it direct. 👍

Their website -> http://startright.co.uk


Good luck, welcome to the forum!

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