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Jul 7, 2018
GV125 AQUILA (2017)

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your advice as regards the 4 upgrades and that will definately be a job for me to do this summer. Have ordered the Oil filter and Iridium spark plugs so as soon as they arrive I’ll get the oil changed and just see if I can tell whether the dealer has changed the oil or not.  From what I have read up on the difference a 520 chain kit can do for performance sounds really worthwhile, as well as the regulator & coils up-grade. You mentioned the fact that if I want the 520 chain kit I need to email you, is that because the club shop does’nt stock that item for the GV125 Aquila ?  Once I have got the regulator & coils fitted I’ll then see about getting the 520 chain kit.  You asked me what sort of mileage I’m clocking-up.  Well, while we’ve been having this good weather I have been trying to some seat time most day’s, and that usually turn’s out to be a 30 ml round trip.  So in a week I could be doing 150-200 mls.  Now that you know this do you reckon I really ought to get the valve clearance checked/adjusted ?  I’ll give this guy (Ben Adgie) the motorcycle mechanic a bell and see if he will work on my bike if you say I ought to.  Many thanks again Marcel, will email you when I’m ready to go for the chain kit.

Ride safe, regards Nigel.

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