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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Nigel!

Welcome to the site & forums.  I hope you are also part of the Facebook group below too:

There is quite a lot of GV125 and GV650 owners popping up this season too.   It’s not just hyosung sports bikes being famous now!

Moving on, let’s talk about your garage/dealer first!

For me with just a couple of years experience with the Hyosungs (knowing how every part works) I can honestly say this…  Your dealer is an idiot.

If you have a bike under warranty for that matter, everything has to be recorded. What happens if you were to sell it and how can you prove what has been done and what ?

Also, they must tell you WHAT justifies spending £75 on what ? I can almost 99% assure you, they work on “budget” basis, basically they use WORKSHOP OIL  (cheap artificial oils) …. Yet the manual says use GOOD premium oil. There is a lot of moving parts & bearings in these vtwins. a lot!  Good oil, filter, o rings goes a long way

Myself, I do travel to some distant places to rescue some GTR bikes as a mobile mechanic, I can stress that it is always good to check everything on your bike if something is off.  It’s good to address it before it gets worse!  That saves a lot of bills in the long rung and a happier bike when the owner stays on top of things.

I’ve seen too many mechs take shortcuts, it doesn’t take long for each owner i meet to have a long rant about how they got ripped off in some places and ended up worse off lol.

I’ve never lived in Lincolnshire personally, so i wouldn’t know who is a true bike mechanic.
Ask in the Facebook group, as there is many lads who live there but most actually do the work themselves by following manuals.

To be fair the Hyosung’s literally last quite a long long time even 10 years @barry650 has one. On his 650, all he did was change regulator for aftermarket ones to keep the electrical system happy, the rest was just regular maintainance.  Ive had a 125 Aquila that was 51K and 2005 reg.  Old girl still had life in here!

My local dealer services some Aquilas that are usually 30K on clock, you can tell the owners have been riding all over the place without killing them.

Speaking of that,  check out the links below for service manual & “owners” book.
Service = more detailed   /  Owners = common things to do.

So i say read all links,   remember GV/GT250 engine works the same way as 125! – Just bigger pistons & a larger cooler.    Same valve clearances / same timings.

(Download the “2003 Onwards” models):

(Download the  GTR & GV250 EFI SERVICE manual) – For detail engine work/ specs.



Coming from a guy that once spent 6 months average tinkering with his own cars in the past,   I am glad to say  “I agree with you Nigel , biking is just better” 

Cheaper , more satisfying when things are sorted & more LIBERATING…  (I am sure @bigtrev1969 can confirm this haha , i know how much he likes tinkering with this Aquila by himself , than trust some chinese to do it, i had to mention him!)

Ride safe fella.  Hope this info helps you, if there anything unsure of,  just  let us all know!

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