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Jun 12, 2018
Aquila GV250

Thanks for the advice and information. Yes I did notice that the O rings are not supplied which is a bit stingy when you consider the costs involved. My bike has only covered 40 miles since new so the oil ring shouldn’t need replacing. I’m just taking your advice as its stood unused for over a year.

When I got the bike home,Β  I found a rubber gasket hanging on the handlebar mirror. I’ve now found out that it belongs to the rear light assembly. Why the previous owner found it necessary to remove the light and then replace it without the gasket is a mystery. Once I have the battery charged, I’ll check if the rear and brake lights are working correctly. In any event I shall have ti take the whole assembly off to replace it properly with the gasket installed. Strange eh ?

Funds are a bit short at the moment so I’ll give the battery a quick boost with my car charger, its only a small one and of course I’ll disconnect the poz terminal and keep my eye on it. I will certainly buy the Dr Bike charger when funds improve. Will it be OK to keep itΒ  trickle charging with the battery connected or should I take off the poz terminal ?

Thanks again for your help and time Marcel.


Regards John


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