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Jun 12, 2018
Aquila GV250

Hello Chelsea, welcome to the site!👋 I’ll start of by saying I always fancied a go on a norton bike, few years ago i was involved in a shed built cafe-racer type project. I had sold the honda anyway! fun times. Aquila 250s are quite punchy & honest vtwins compared to the Ninja 250s (which Americans think its a fast bike haha). Congrats on your purchase, I would also look in servicing the whole bike myself if it was stood for sometime! Fresh oil, fresh fuel, filters & the usual TLC goes many miles away. For GV250 service books in PDF. Have a look on this link below: https://hyoriders.club/forums/topic/download-gv125-gv250-aquila-mirage-service-manuals-hyosung-owners-books/ Let me know if that book helps, I got many PDF files uploaded to the website. Still got more to do Also GT250-EFi/Ei also shares the same engine as the Aquila250 so it uses the same electrics (in most places anyway)[/quote

Hi Marcel

Thank you for coming back to me. I enjoyed riding the Norton’s and am looking forward to riding this Aquila GV250. Just need to tax and insure it. I know the previous owner did put fresh fuel in to demonstrate it running, but I take on board all the other things you say I should do.

I had already clicked the link you sent but that covers the owners manual, which I already have in book form. I’ll have a look at the GT250 because if its the same engine and wiring, then that will do fine. Thank you again


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