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GV125C 2012

Yes! It’s all a bit confusing because i’m muddling through learning and trying things. Your advice in that post doesn’t seem to apply as hard touch doesn’t seem to work for my carb though thank you for trying to help :). I didn’t realise there were different ways that it could be done and the potential minefield with how things are measured. I’ll make a post on that thread to come to this post. being that they’re kind of the same thread.

I’m certainly closer now than I have been before, either i misunderstood an instruction or I’m just a donut in that previous post and didn’t check that the float wasn’t getting bound up (which is what happened for me to have to change that rear one). It also didn’t help that I didn’t have a huge amount of time to make sure before life whisked me away. This last week i’ve managed a lot more than i’ve been able to and I’ve basically had to start from scratch.

I’d also rather document all of my misadventures so people don’t make the same mistakes I do.
What I’m considering doing is making a carb clean and float setting guide once i’ve figured this all out. it’s obvious there’s a lot of difference in how different mikuni carbs do things.