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Canberra, Australia

Good heavens! – Are they all Halogen? If you make some kind of guide / tutorial, i will share this on UK groups online as the night time in UK is terrible with most little villages out of the city in full pitch black, and animals have free will on the farm roads we would not want to run over! In fairness, i threw in the best regulators and stators i can get, some osram nightbreaker bulbs & call it a night! (no pun intended)


So I have ripped out the guts of the housing and manufactured brackets to mount LED projector lenses.  I would not recommend this upgrade without upgrading the rectifier.


I have measured the Lux of a standard headlight being of a little over 200.  The Lux of my upgraded unit is a little over 1000.

I am now manufacturing these Units here in Australia and offer an exchange service for $300 AUD.    Im happy to help people overseas with this upgrade if they want to contact me.