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Hyosung GTR

There’s no reason it won’t work, they are the same engine the efi stator is a higher output that’s the only thing I can think of. You have the carbs, manifolds, wiring etc should just fit right in.

Replace the stator of EFi to Carby Stator , so use your old carby stator And also use your CARBY flywheel This is because the EFi flywheel does not work with Carby CDi’s Next thing, use Size 20 pilot jets and 92.5 + 95 main jets See full tutorial of jetting here

[Tutorial] How to swap Carb Main Jets – Hyosung GV & GT 125/250

Don’t throw away the old 250 engine, you will NEED IT for spare parts in future 🙂


Can you give me a hint on how to loosen the flywheel nut? The manual says that I have to lock the connecting rod with something, but I don’t want to remove the cylinder head, cylinder, and piston.