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Hi yes you can use GT carbs on your GV

Differences as below:

  • Plunger  (This is infamously known as “Jet Boost, Jet Streamer” , it squirts a tiny bit of fuel each throttle twist, so that the “heavier” GTR bikes can move forward.
  • Overflow pipes are at the top diaphragms
  • Floats have a minor design change because of above 2nd point i said.
  • These are called Design 2 carbs
  • Requires more maintance  (has extra holes in the  bodies and floats , due to addition of plunger on the side)


GV Aquila & GT Naked (Pre 2010 era GT Naked)

  • Uses GV125 Carbs
  • GV Carbs are called “Design 1”
  • Less parts (ie. no plungers on the side, no needles in the throats)
  • Easier to maintain due to aformentioned point above this sentence
  • Overflow and Drain pipes are at the float bowls.    Can’t be used with GTR carbs for obvious reasons

Hope that helps!

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