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North UK

How is the bike behaving now ?  The UK temps have calmed down a little bit

And what work has been doing by you (or anyone else) to improve it from “standard” to “better than before”  ?

I’d say the 250 cooler is a BIG BIG must have on these 125s, they will really thank you and strictly  ESTER oil  (That is Motul ESTER or  Silkolene ESTER)

Only 10w40 or 10w50.    I use 10w50 all year on all my bikes.

20w is a no.  15w is a no.   those 2 figures are too thick, it could wear down the bike even more as it is the only 125 on our soil with crazy amount of bearings inside the motor & 2 angry pistons lol.

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