I have a 2010 GV650 efi that i took apart to paint and now I can’t find / remember where one of the plugs connects.

The plug is a 2 wire: Black with Yellow tracer and White with Blue Tracer and it is located at the front end of the harness ( by the headlight)

I would like to know what was connected to those wires.

Thank you

**PS: the bike does not start now ( NO SPARK) and I think it may be related to the missing connection.

I checked the coils, rectifier, pick up coil..everything seems to be within manual specs.

I replaced the pickup (pulse) coil because I gotĀ  F1 codeĀ  C12, but that did not help, still have the code and no spark with the new pickup coil installed)

I have installed 3 extra grounds ( engine frame- frame battery- engine battery)

I hope my ECM is good ..

Thank you