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Let’s start with the carb so that this huge thing is out of the way,  we all dread going to it but needs must sometimes!
– > check your gold discs inside carb mouths are fully shut when the throttle is shut or look out for possible “notching / grinding” feeling if you tried to force the carb throttle shut even more.

If it doesn’t twitch if you tried to force the throttle shut, then gold discs should be OK. If the gold discs were not shut, even a small amount of air will leak in to the engine combustion ==> revs go up!

Any situation concerning high revs is almost always mystery air entering the bike in some way

So with the carb investigated, clean its jets , pilots especially make sure you can see the holes or shine a light thru.  The pilots can gum up easy when fuel is bad , so the revs again will shoot up   = leaning out effect because less fuel has entered the bike combustion cycle.

Carb done ?  Be very very religious about your intake manifolds, make sure they have no cracks  and the “manifold” o rings haven’t looked crushed or old  (otherwise i’d recommend changing them if they are too old , they may sneak air in which leans out the fuel thats about to enter pistons.
it’s these ones here.

Intake Pipe O-RING (Inlet Boot Seals) x2 – GV125 GT125 RX125 GV250 GT250 Hyosung

Next up, go inspect the airbox for anything suspicious that may sneak air in (eg. cracked mouth openings etc, filter not sat properly etc, loose clamps)

On the choke side, check your carb rails where the choke slides across,  u will see the plunger come out (on)  and go back in fully (off)  , or else check cable isnt trying to pull it. riding on choke no good for piston rings , i might add.

If we deal with the carb and intakes properly, then it will ride better ,   see how she runs then we go from there to attack other things .

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