1. Hey so this is my first post on this forum since I can’t think of anything else and am deciding to see if anyone else has had or has this problem. I got the bike with “carb issues” it ran but misfired and a lot of white smoke would come out of the exhaust after warming up and upon revving the engine. I deduced it down to burning oil in the cylinder and replaced pistons, piston rings, and valve stem seals for both cylinders. In the process of the engine rebuild I deleted the egr in hopes of saving space and helping engine possibly. After putting the engine back together with everything torqued and properly installed I started it and noticed a valve cover leak. The engine still smokes a lot and I’m wondering if the tube that was for the egr also doubles as a pcv valve. Since I replaced the rings and valve stem seals the only way that I know oil can get in the system is through blow by with too much pressure in the crankcase forcing oil past the rings into the cylinder. Please help if you can and I can provide additional information if needed to help diagnose this issue.