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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

If your LEFT FORK at the bottom has a digital sensor attached to the wheel spindle,
Take it off;

  • Inspect the wires for water including plug end that connects to the dash harness.
  • Add some thick grease on the actual speedo drive unit,  the factory grease tends to wash away in rain.
  • Test run and see if that helps
  • Your dash will have a “digital” LCD display bang in the middle of RPM  & MPH counters . The LCD unit counts the fuel level digital
    This is for GV’s that are of a later model  (which i assume you have)

If the left fork has a MECHANICAL speedo driver which a cable that hooks “directly” under the MPH counter of the dash  (not electric)

  • Take the cable off and inspect it.  The cable is more likely to fail than the actual manual speedo drive unit
  • As before with the digital comments above, inspect the mechanical unit and grease it well.
  • Your dash will have a “Manual Fuel Level Gauge” for older GV with mechanical speedo drive as a hint.

    Lets see if that helps ?

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