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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

There is ways to repair the inlet rubber when people used things like tiger seals and what not ,  to be honest personally ill only have inlets to sell in about a month or more ,  due house move i am not working as full time as i would like until i settle in a new time and rebuild my workshop in a new area.

Though, I do have caliper bodies ready for dispatch on the @evocrest ebay channel

Also stainless steel piston kits ready to go in the hyoriders shop above ^ , as I usually keep emegency sets for urgent orders than waiting 2 weeks for my cnc guy to make some.

Also likely to have some used but good nick OEM pistons  (x2) , sending me an email would be best or a PM on this forum for further info.

If your pistons aint rusted badly and pistons move freely, it could be the master cylinder itself and (50/50) chance brake fluid is old.

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