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Jan 14, 2020
GV125 2016

Hi, I need to reject my carbs on my gv, did you get to yours in the end. What tips do you recommend?

Hello John, apologies for the very late reply, I havent been active on this website since the lockdowns really.

I never got to access my carbs, the closest I got to reaching them was through the side, by taking apart all the fairings and hoses on the left hand side. But Hyosung, cheeky buggers, had fitted the carbs with soft screws, and multiple different screw heads, so when i turned the screws I could access, the head would mash away, making it useless and stuck.

I own a 2016 model, so your best bet will be to try and access them through the side, and take off the jet covers and work on them whilst the carbs are still attached, or use carb cleaner spray, spray it directly into the air filter intake whilst the bike is running, and purchase some fuel additive that cleans CARBS specifically. But most will do the trick, this wont remove ALL gunk from your carbs, but you will notice a slight difference.

The difference i noticed, was that my bike is now able to hold idle at traffic lights, so it doesnt cut out now.

Sorry for the late response again, and sorry I couldnt be that helpful too.

By the looks of your profile, im also from Essex too haha! Based in colchester, ive never seen another Hyosung GV out in the wild, so I might bump into you some day! Look out for the moustache.

Stay safe, and i hope you manage to clean your carbs to a somewhat “okay” fashion.


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