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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey 👋
Welcome to the site , and nice purchase , you may be one of the very few (if any) that have got the efi 125 hyosungs.   If you do some kind of topic-journal on this forum, i will follow it , i might get one who knows!  Got the older design GV250 efi myself

speaking of design, the mirrors you mentioned can have their stalk extended.  A local bike shop near you should have some kind of “mirror stem riser extension” (I am not sure about ebay as i rarely quote chinese sellers lol, but check out AmazonUK though!)

It has a male and female ends, so you put your normal mirrors on it and the stem extension goes back inside the handlebars,  this way the mirrors are lifted up (height wise).  You would need to confirm thread size on your current mirrors (I couldn’t confirm off my head right now)


As for bar ends, I don’t really bother with them personally because they vibrate to the point you can’t see clearly  and i’m always filtering the traffic , so i’d rather they didn’t get knocked off lol.    To be fair most are cheaply made for that reason.

You could checkout J&S Accessories website for mirrors ,  i did get some from that shop  (the normal tall aftermarket ones, they did me fine on the GT125 comet, it wasnt some kind of knock-off that would give problems later).  They were 10 mins away from me ,  though i have no idea about their store locations near you but do do online orders im sure.

Waiting for the GV125S to get enough riders, then i should do few ‘plug-n-play’ accessories for it. I really want to… {using my own test bed even!}

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