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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I had loads but sold out this week, will need a month to try buy more in bulk, the breakers charge me 60 per piece

MotoGBHyosung trade in the UK wants 98 a piece i can’t justify myself paying loads in bulk either!

I may still have a rear 125 probably still in drawer if it isn’t sold already,  you may end up having to email if still needing it

Gotta have them while you can as EFI will world will take over soon and the production of these things will stop, its a shame only KRMotors makes these strangely shaped things! lol.  I digress.

Also check the UK owners club on facebook as there is 1 or 2 lads breaking their bikes, you may ask them if they still have the engine manifolds for cheaper probably.

Germany, and much of EU, UK are places where 125s are common place but their stores ? That’s another story! –  US is all 250 and 650 commonly which is no suprise so not much of a dedicated trade network over there to supply 125 intake boots.

If push comes to shove, try me in a month, i may convert to 250 intake system inc correct air box as the rubbers are in different shapes and styles! – I usually do this on customer bikes dropped off to me.

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