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West midlands
Grand prix plus

Hey Karl, You are correct to say it’s a rarity as they ain’t imported in UK anymore and much lower numbers are still on the road still to this day, it’s a case of relying on social media sites to see if there is someone selling a crashed version to salvage parts from , believe me , I know how it is. There was a guy selling one a long while ago for cheaps , it was on the Hyosung Owners Facebook group, a deep trawl through the posts may be warranted, we don’t know if it was sold on by now. You could try phoning Startrights Leeds and say Marcel sent you, as they are still one of the oldest hyo dealers , sometimes their stock may include old GA cruise parts , but i am 50/50 on when it comes to the Korean Hyosung scooters. They do service a lot of chinese scooters each week though, so they have connections with MotoGB (the UK importer) to try to backorder some parts , it is worth trying fella 👍

Thanks for the reply

I did try startright but i caught the fella just going to his dinner break but he did say he would call back but i havent heard from them.

Il give them a call tomorrow and il drop your name to thanks.

Im still tempted to buy one of the sets on ebay for £15 said they fit gy6 but i dont want to be throwing more money into somthing i cant find other parts for