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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I’m about to head off to bed,Β  but i have an EFI version here and rode the carby 125 before , believe me…..I understand you clearly lol.

Click “Add media” in the reply box, to attach some photos so we see where you got stuck at ?

If the bike was in Korea for whatever reason or warranty work etc, the engineers would have to drop the engine to the ground, so that the airbox can be removed.

125s tend to have certain “security” torx bolts on some things like box, exhaust pipe etc, to stop owners modding & keeping the warranty i guess.Β  They are the MOST ANNNNNNOYING bolts to undo sometimes, i pray you don’t have any seized torx bolts as 2016 is young.

In terms of airbox removal, I can understand your mechanic , we don’t want to add any more stress to the intake manifolds as they are very very hard to order new nowdays.

Based on what you tell me with photos and I wake up tomorrow , i will check this post out when i get the chance to .

The gist of what i’m saying here is
// Factory =Β  expects to drop the engine down the chassis to access box n carb due to frame-bar in middle.
Owners = bit of a gentle , i mean gentle but lots of swearing , its a tight packed & strange design that area .

While you have 5 mins to spare, check out the forum a little more i did various tutorials on carb modding and line setups , though they were done on some client GT bikes but principle is the same for GV as they use identical engines.

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