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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I’m a bit of a novice with my multimeter but will give it a go.. do I test each component while engine is switched off but ignition turned on? Or will engine have to be running to test ohms?

For ohms testing , bike is turned off (key out), unplug the connectors and probe inside their own pins (any order)

Stator 3 pinΒ  yellow under 1 ohm on the meter (the lowest) => probe pin 1 and 3 ,Β  then pin 2 and 3,Β Β  2 and 1 ,Β  all 3 combinations should have the same figures.

Stator 2 pin blue/green = under 200 ohms on meter

HT wire of coil (red meter) and frame (ground for black meter) => under 6,000 ohms.

That should be it.

the only test while engine running is the stator yellow plug telling your meter its producing 80v -/+ at 4k revs ish Β  , 85-99 is the optimal range as per service book in AC

Regulator itself also depends on the effeciency of the stator , since they go in tandem anyway.

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