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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Mick 👍

We use huge regs that are mosfet based than basic shunt tech,  you are right to assume the hyosung ones are as lethal as they come lol.  You will see the regs at shop pages.
The regs I get from supply chain are off Kawasaki ATV’s mainly, 15v limit, 3 phasing stator,  however i can say my own reg has been good for many years.  I just make sure it fits the bikes listed & is intentionally large.
Electrosport in USA isn’t too bad either,  i have it on one of my other hyosungs.

If you’re fancy, you can get the Shingden ones which are common thing to do on the 650cc hyos, though wire bridging may be possible without the hyosung-harness kit that comes with the reg.

Conside the coils should be under 6k ohms from HT wire to frame or replace them, the stock ones will annoy you once they start to add up resistance, even while its hotter running.

HT Caps are made by Golden (china),   switch to NGK and call it day 😉

The spark plugs should be new but it is possible a bad carb or coil will foul them up and it means new ones again.    Don’t touch IX-Blue plugs ever, the hyosungs hate it.    Use platinum ones (laser)  or the stock copper ones.

Last shout, only because its part of live ignition system,  stator yellow wires must be under 0.7 ohms (no more at all) each wire must be identical.  (3 pin)  do this when bike is turned off ofcourse.
Otherwise it should be about 80v strong AC at around 4k ish revs.

Stator blue/green plug  = 100-120 ohms .

As you go through the cleaning process & testing the initial stuff above^, from there then we shall see what else it needs or hopefully not.

You got this 🤺

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